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Punta Paraíso

Luxury oceanfront apartments in the charming coastal town of San Pancho within the Nayarit Pacific Paradise.

This is a development committed to fulfilling the dreams and desires of a quiet life, but with an urban style, and a touch of fun, all within a friendly Mexican atmosphere.

Just a few minutes from Puerto Vallarta among the green landscapes of the Sierra Madre the north coast of the Riviera Nayarit is a synonym for exclusive lifestyle. Punta Paraiso is an excellent investment opportunity and a perfect home.

Real Estate Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit México

Real Estate Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit México

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With headquarters in Mexico city, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Guadalajara, this successful real estate company has been innovating and growing under the leadership of its CEO Miguel Angel Lemus, who coordinates each luxury condo development in Mexico, while incorporating fundamental business strategies, Lemmus creates opportunities where others do not, solving problems immediately and effectively, making things happen, and most important of all: Making sales in Mexico.

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Punta Paraíso - San Pancho Riviera Nayarit
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Development that created the perfect lifestyle on the beach. The ideal balance between rest and fun.

Location Punta Paraíso - San Francisco

Golf Course: Las Huertas
Beach Area: 77,679.38 ft²
Tourist development: 5 stars

Located 29 miles north of the romantic town of Puerto Vallarta, San Pancho is the perfect haven to indulge yourself.

Paradise is found on earth

Breathtaking views from your home!

Punta Paraíso - San Pancho Riviera Nayarit

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The beauty and serenity of the oceanfront venue and the first-class amenities of the development are supplemented by the active lifestyle within a few minutes walking distance. All these you will discover in this exclusive haven among other outdoor activities such as birdwatching, hiking or surfing.

Ideal place for
fun and relaxation

The beautiful beach of San Pancho, of intense luminosity, receives both those who want to rest and relax in front of the sea, sunbathing and reading, playing with the children or enjoying a long walk.

It is also intended for the adventurous spirit who defies the Pacific waves mounted on their surfboards.

If you prefer to relax, simply pull a chair in one of the small beachside restaurants under the shade of coconut trees, order the various menu options and let the friendly staff serve you.

San Pancho
One of the best beaches in

Riviera Nayarit

The town of San Francisco, dubbed San Pancho, used to be a mango-processing city.

It has one of the best beaches in Riviera Nayarit

It also has beautiful homes, restaurants, luxury shops and a Sports Golf Course. It also has a luxury Club House serving rich food and drinks, while they are entertained by the ponies and their riders both residents and visitors.

The view from the beach is truly spectacular. And if you're lucky, whales and dolphins will put on a show for you..


Quiet beaches




Phase 1

Building "Casitas"

The two-floor building with the best backyard you will ever see.

Phase 2

Building "Luna"

Six-floor building with 4 units per floor.

Phase 3

Building "Sol"

Six-floor building with 20 units of 2 bedrooms each.


Punta Paraíso

Punta Paraíso, Beach and Residential Resort is a unique project located at the heart of the small town of San Pancho, Nayarit.

The project consist in 62 units in a 77,679.38 ft² / 7,216.65 m² beachfront property.

Punta Paraíso would be the first exclusive real estate development in the area.

few minutes from Puerto Vallarta among the green landscapes of the Sierra Madre the north coast of the Riviera Nayarit is a synonym for exclusive lifestyle.

Punta Paraiso is an excellent investment opportunity and a perfect home.


San Pancho —as this town is lovingly called by the locals— is a small coastal town located 40 minutes north from Puerto Vallarta and only 5 minutes from Sayulita Beach by car.
San Pancho is the perfect haven for anyone who enjoys the relaxed beach life with the alternative of the hustle and bustle of the near towns. It has retained much of the feeling of an authentic and traditional Mexican town. Ever-friendly and warm, San Pancho is a wonderful place to be a tourist and will even welcome you to feel part of the town. As the Men’s Journal magazine stated “a pretty good approximation of what Sayulita was like when it was first discovered by surfers back in the 1960s”. With the difference that San Francisco has been growing in a much slower pace and with urban planning. All this makes San Pancho the perfect balance between a traditional coastal mexican town and a well-thought developed community.
Punta Paraiso will have security cameras and guards 24 hours a day monitoring the whole complex. San Pancho is definitely a very safe place to live. A genuine friendly town, where robberies or crimes are extremely rare.
Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution says that non-Mexicans cannot directly hold residential real estate in the restricted zone . However, since 1973 the implementation of a Mexican bank trust, commonly referred to as a fideicomiso has made possible property purchase for non-mexicans.
This is a legal structure which allows non-Mexicans to purchase real estate property located in the “Restricted Zone”. This zone encompasses the areas along the coasts and border of Mexico. Essentially, it is a recorded contractual arrangement where a property is held in “Trust” by a bank for a specific purchaser, or beneficiary. In all material respects it is similar to the type of Trusts commonly used in the United States and Canada to hold property for estate planning purposes. In order to establish a Trust a permit is required from the Secretary of Foreign Relations. Such a permit is usually issued for a term of fifty years and can be renewed for an additional term of fifty years. Contrary to the commonly held misconception, a Mexican Bank Trust (fideicomiso) is not a lease. It is a form of ownership in which real property is transferred into a trust for the sole purpose of the beneficiary. It is not necessarily better or worse than fee simple ownership, just different.
Defined under the Mexican Constitution, the restricted zone is the land 100 kilometers from any Mexican border and 50 kilometers from any coastline. In these areas, non-Mexicans may not purchase or hold direct domain over any land, unless done so through a Bank Trust. Therefore, a fideicomiso is required for any non-Mexican acquiring residential property in these zones.
A. Property Tax (Impuesto Predial) Property taxes in Mexico are very low compared to the United States and Canada. Your Seller will pay the property tax up to the closing date. Thereafter, this will be our responsibility on a yearly basis. It is customary in Mexico for the owner of the property to pay his property tax one year in advance. B. Property Acquisition Tax The buyer pays the Acquisition Tax (or Transfer Tax). It is currently 2% of the declared value of the transaction.
Yes, Punta Paraiso will be subject to a condominium regime which will contain all the provisions (bylaws) that regulate the rights and obligations of the owners, occupants and visitors who have access to the installations of the condominium. The observance of the Bylaws is obligatory for all the owners, occupants and visitors of the units.
Yes. The owners share in the expenses of the condominium in accordance to their percentage factor. Maintenance fees cover such expenses as operation, administration, maintenance and management of the common areas. Each owner is responsible for payment of their maintenance fee in advance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. An itemized list of maintenance fee expenditures is usually provided by the condominium association at the annual meeting.
Yes. Punta Paraíso offers optional property management and rental services.

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Av Paseo de las palmas No.3, Local 32
Plaza Alebrijes 3.14, Nuevo vallarta Nayarit


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Edificio de 2 pisos 120m²




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9 unidades por nivel con 2 recámaras + 1 flexroom - 110.84m²





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157.96 m²







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